Thursday, May 31, 2012

Why I'm Not Using Cinnamon

I was using Cinnamon on my desktops, and went back to Gnome classic no effects. This with Linux Mint 12.

I installed Linux Mint 13 RC on my laptop, and switched to Mate.

Mate works fine on my laptop. Mate keyboard shortcuts for volume up/down and play/pause do not work on my desktops.

So, why is switching to Cinnamon a bad idea, IMHO?
  • Cinnamon has no no grouping of menu items on the panel.
  • Bumping a window being dragged against the top panel causes it to maximize--a most annoying bug.
  • Nautilus 3.2.1 under Cinnamon shows selected files as pink with no text, or perhaps pink text on a pink background. Sometimes I like to be able to see the name of and related info for a selected file. Really. This is with the list view, which is my preferred default.
  • Under Cinnamon, ImageMagick's pan icon is missing window controls (e.g., close) which should be in the upper right.
  • [ Added 2012-06-02: Cinnamon removes the ability to move the save file dialog within a web browser. ]
I do like the hot corner, but it doesn't outweigh just the lack of grouping of menu items let alone the other problems I'm seeing with Cinnamon.

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