Friday, May 25, 2012

Google Drive Non-Op

Earlier this morning uploads of files (.tgz.cpt typically) to Google Drive from my home system failed consistently, for both my UMBC and my personal accounts. Now that I'm on campus, things seem to be working again, and I was able to mail all 19MB to myself via Gmail, so it was a survivable situation, but I need to check out dropbox.

I'm concerned the Drive might work more reliably with a client on my machine, which is not going to happen:

  1. Google as of recently had no Drive client for Linux, and
  2. I already installed Picasa on my machine once, and it immediately ransacked my hard drive, even before I was able to tell it where my pictures were. I suspect it was just looking for image files, but, not having a week to read the privacy policy, I killed it and uninstalled it right away. I wanted a program to ease uploads to Picasa and management of albums on Picasa, and clearly the Google client was much more than that. How can I trust a Drive client on my machine?
Time to checkout dropbox. Thumb drives and e-mailing oneself big attachments are fine, but I need a solid backup or replacement for Google Drive.

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