Tuesday, July 8, 2014

HTTPS Everywhere Rule Sets for UMBC, tools.ietf.org

The server tools.ietf.org supports TLS, but my browser's HTTPS Everywhere seems unaware of this fact. So I wrote a rule set for that server. I have previously posted here an HTTPS Everywhere rule set for an oft-used (by me) server at UMBC; for convenience, this is reproduced below.

<ruleset name="tools-ietf">
  <target host="tools.ietf.org" />

  <rule from="^http://tools\.ietf\.org/" to="https://tools.ietf.org/" />

<ruleset name="userpages-UMBC">
  <target host="userpages.umbc.edu" />

  <rule from="^http://userpages\.umbc\.edu/" to="https://userpages.umbc.edu/"/>

Where do these rules go? See the EFF docs or my prior description.