Tuesday, February 19, 2013

"The Bridge," "Bron/Broen"

A British friend turned me on to this as it was very popular when on BBC4. I watched the first four episodes of this Danish/Swedish crime drama on YouTube, and was hooked. Here's a link to Season 1, Episode 1, Part 1. See also the IMDB entry.

No telling when it'll be available in the US, so I ordered it on DVD from Amazon.co.uk, and so now season one is on my Nexus 7 awaiting my next plane flight.

Meanwhile, it appears that FX is preparing a cheap knock-off. I don't call it cheap in that the the budget will be lower, but it appear to be simply a rip-off of the original story line. Typical Hollywood--no new ideas.

In a related vein, This is Massive has uploaded a number of episodes of "Water Rats," so I'll watch those eventually. They were broadcast in the US by MHz Networks, which I had access to briefly. Now that I know region codes are ineffectual, I might go ahead and purchase the DVDs.