Monday, January 3, 2011

Google Attempting to Coerce Picasa Users

For the past few weeks I have been prompted by Picasa to link my photos to my Google profile. This nagware appears every time I visit Picasa. It also appears I cannot comment on even my own photos without linking my Picasa account with my Google profile. I got rid of the nagging (or so it seems) by deleting my Google profile. It seems I've done this before.

Google has no regard whatsoever for its users' privacy.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Value Added by Radio Shack

Why do people pay a premium to buy from Radio Shack rather from other, less expensive, sources? Is it the expertise of their sales people? Probably not.

Today I was in need of an SD card for a digital camera, and the camera is a few years old, so it had to be SD, and not SDHC. I wanted the card today, and the HH Gregg web site wouldn't tell me clearly whether the local store had SD in stock, but both of the closest Radio Shacks did. So I went to the Radio Shack on Wilkins Ave. I guess immediate acquisition and convenience are two reasons to go to Radio Shack.

At Radio Shack, I found the SD/SDHC/USB Flash display, but the SD items were empty. So I went to the register and asked if they had SD in stock. The salesperson proceeded to show me an SDHC card. I told him that was SDHC and I needed SD. He said "same thing." I told him no, and he came up with a 2 GB SD card.

The reason people go to Radio Shack certainly can't be the helpful, knowledgeable salespeople.