Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Gmail Labs' "Send and Archive" vs. "Undo Send"

I've long found Gmail's Undo Send feature to be very useful. I often send without fully proofreading, and this gives me a chance to retract and correct a message before it really goes out. Nice.

Send and Archive is also a nice feature. When replying to an e-mail, rather than separately sending and archiving, one can send and archive with a single click.

The rub, however, is that send and archive doesn't have an undo control, and so now if I fail to proof a message, tough, it is gone. Ultimately, one has to decide which feature is more important, and I'd rather appear literate than save myself a click now and then (well, several times per day).


Scott Porad said...

Do you have the "Auto-advance" lab turned on? In my experience, when "Auto-advance" plus "Send & Archive" plus "Undo Send" are all installed, then this problem occurs: the yellow banner with the undo send feature link does not appear. When Auto-advance is disabled, then it works as expected.

Jeff Martens said...

Thanks! I definitely use auto advance and undo send, so I guess I'll just continue to live without send & archive.