Sunday, June 3, 2012

Zeitgeist Spyware Framework Installed by Default in Linux Mint 13

I thought I would take a moment to pull together information on the Zeitgeist monitoring system which has become a part of Gnome and is inexplicably included within Linux Mint. First, Zeitgeist is not itself spyware, but it collects much information about a user that would be one-stop shopping for any spyware that finds its way onto a system. It provides no discernible benefit, and is dangerous to keep around, so get rid of it. More information:
  1. My take on what Zeitgeist is.
  2. Zeitgeist was dropped as a component for Gnome 2.32 but the Ubuntu folks decided life wouldn't be complete without a spyware framework.
  3. Removing Zeitgeist.

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pfalcon said...

Thanks much for your posts for raising Zeitgeist awareness. I fully agree it's a spyware framework. My post on the matter: