Sunday, June 3, 2012

Cloud Storage, Finding an Alternative to Google Drive

Last week I had issues with uploads to Google Drive failing. These uploads are encrypted tarballs (.tgz.cpt) of my incremental backups that I transfer among my home desktop, work desktop, and laptop. I tried out Zoho Docs rather than dropbox just because Zoho offers a lot of extra stuff that looks to be worth exploring, and so an account there could end up being useful. Anyhow, for the last week I've been shuttling these files to and from Zoho (as well as carrying physical copies on a thumb drive) and am mostly happy with Zoho.

Zoho provides 1GB free, but limits upload sizes to 50MB, which was an issue once. This also means I'm unlikely to archive recently-purchased or ripped music there, since those tarballs typically exceed Zoho's limit. So I expect to lean toward Zoho for most of my incremental backup needs, trimming them when they exceed 50MB. If nothing else, Zoho will provide an impetus to limit the size of each.

Question: why a 50MB limit on files when the overall space limit is 20 times that? I guess I can use split.

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