Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Orbitz Treating Mac and Windows Users Differently

An interesting piece on All Things Considered today, explaining that Orbitz pitches higher-priced options to Mac users than to Windows Users. Apparently Orbitz has data showing that Mac users are willing to spend more on their trips. Interesting. Another interesting thing was that the NPR reporter, Laura Sydell, was surprised that Orbiitz knows what kind of PC a visitor is using; nice to get occasional reminders of how naive many users are. The NPR piece is here.

There was a shorter piece tonight on Marketplace as well.

[ Note added 21:00: BTW, no knock on Laura Sydell--I'm glad she reported the piece and she did a fine job. It's more that developers and privacy advocates need reminders like this that most people have no idea how much data their browsers are sending to corporate servers. ]

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