Monday, December 5, 2011

Gmail's New Interface: Stupider than I Originally Thought

As bad as I originally thought Gmail's new interface is, it's worse. They have hidden the 'choose font' button behind a T. Sure, T stands for font. I get it. This is what it looks like:

The T between the underline and the font size selector is for choosing font. Blogger, and every other GUI I use, uses a stylized F for font. Perhaps Google thinks it's powerful enough to change the word from 'font' to 'tont.'

This is just more evidence that Google's new interfaces for Docs, Gmail, etc., are not well thought-out and are simply change for the sake of change. Overall, replacing words with obscure pictographs and then using letters that have no apparent relation to their function are slaps in the faces the user community.


Alex said...

Is there anyway that the new interface can be made faster? I've tried everything and it's still dog slow. Any ideas would be warmly received.

Google has obviously jumped the shark because they are now adding innovations that reduce efficiency which is a technology company's way of saying they are out of ideas.

Alex said...

The new interface is AWFUL! Do you know of any way to make it faster? I'd settle for acceptable from the disaster it is. They've made it slower than any Microsoft Product!!!

Google has obviously jumped the shark, they are adding innovations that are actually detrimental to usability which is the first sign of a technology company beginning it's downward trend.