Monday, May 13, 2013

Screenshots in LXDE, Mate, etc.

LXDE does not have a native screen shot feature and imagemagick does a mediocre job of it under Mate (often capturing a region under the window being selected from), and only provides black rectangles under LXDE, so I needed something better. Google quickly led me to scrot,, which works well. Here's my script to capture regions on the screen:

#! /bin/sh
# Time-stamp: <2013-05-13 12:16:50 jdm>
# $1 is the directory in which to 
dump the screenshot. Empty 
indicates /tmp.

umask 077

if test -z $1 ; then
  cd /tmp
  cd $1

/usr/bin/scrot -s

The above works well, and is much less time-consuming than the menu-driven approach in Mate.

 This post replaces an older one.

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