Tuesday, May 7, 2013

LibreOffice Alternatives?

I've been growing increasingly frustrated with LibreOffice's brain-dead behavior regarding current working directory. 
  • When I save something, and then want to open something else, it starts over in my home directory rather than remembering the context I'm working in. If I just saved something in a directory, isn't it likely that the next thing I open will be nearby?
  • If in the midst of a save-as, if I decide to change the file type, e.g., CSV or XLS to ODS, suddenly it makes me start over from square one choosing the directory to save in.
Yes, this is only two things (okay, here's three: if I have a region selected in the spreadsheet, enter won't take me out of the area--it's necessary to move to the mouse or arrow keys). My impression is that their UI designers are idiots or simply don't care.

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barbacana said...

What I hate about LibreOffice is that it ignores the setting of the current working directory in most use cases. For example, if I start it from a command line like so:

$ soffice &

and then create a document and do "Save As", the default place to save it should be the directory I started soffice in. But it isn't - WHY NOT?