Saturday, October 8, 2011

IMDB Partly Fixes Missing "Favorite Theaters" Feature

With IMDB's new look, they got rid of the "My Theaters" page, replacing it with "Theaters Near You." My theatres has returned, but in an almost unusable format. They have a thumbnail movie poster with each film, which spreads things out enough that it is no longer possible to view multiple theatres at a time. Each theatre takes more than a screen page. Previously the display was multi-column with no graphics--a much more efficient use of space. Also, the theatre name font size is little different from the font used for the film name, which itself is smaller than the font used for the showtimes. So they make us scroll continuously to compare showings and show times, but make it difficult to scroll quickly because the font sizes give us no clue regarding what we're seeing.  Very bad--Google's page is much better:

{Added 15 minutes after the above] Also, when clicking on a particular film, the link no longer leads to the movie page but rather to a brain-dead showtimes page, which, for movies not playing in the immediate Catonsville area says no showtimes found. So I click on a showtime only to be told there are no showtimes. It's then an extra click to get to the actual page for that movie.

This is what you get when web page design is done by bonobos.

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