Wednesday, June 15, 2011

They'll be Sorry

CCBC is switching from WebCT to Blackboard 9.1. I know nothing about WebCT, but it is nearly inconceivable that it's worse than Blackboard 9.

Analogy: I've chosen an integer, 1. Then we generate a uniform discrete random integer in the range 0 to 32767.  What is the probability the random integer is less than one? Approximately the same probability that an unknown course management tool is worse than Blackboard?


Hayden said...

the range 0 to 32767
1. should it not be -32767 thru +32766?

2. HACC (harrisburg area comm coll) uses is horrible. blackboard is better IMHO

Jeff Martens said...

You might be right. I was going unsigned to exaggerate the likelihood that anything other than Blackboard would be better than Blackboard, but if WebCT actually is worse, then my probabilities might be off.

Hayden said...

once my courses are setup in webct i'll give you the nickle tour.