Friday, June 3, 2011

Google Search for

A sampling:

  • has many people complaining that MyLife is a scam, uses false advertising, etc. I concur.
  • Just say 'no' to, . It appears that the author gave MyLife access to his e-mail accounts, and regretted it.
  • Wikipedia has an article. Highlights: lawsuits against the company for e-mail spoofing. Parent rated F by the LA BBB.
  • " A new tool for bargain-seeking stalkers" at . This article goes into some detail about how MyLife is gathering and abusing PII. Recommended.
  • " Accused of Running 'Spam-and-Scam' Scheme" discusses a lawsuit against these slimeballs (and I'm being completely objective here) in US District Court in Oakland, CA. Links are provided.
  • TechCrunch talks about the birth of MyLife as a merger of and This corroborates much of what's in the Wikipedia article.

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