Friday, February 25, 2011

Blocking myUMBC Alerts

I suggest AdBlock Plus for disabling myUMBC alerts. I find it distracting to see that I have alerts. What if it's something worth looking at? It's never happened, but there could be a first time. Today I received two "personalized" alerts telling me it's windy outside. How much time is wasted campus-wide by these things?

I realize the country has been quaking in its collective boots since fall 2001, and campuses fall victim to fear mongers, like E2Campus, who have been profiting off the Virginia Tech shootings, but this whole notion that UMBC needs an alert system is silly, and the way it is currently misused is strong evidence of that fact.

Will I get an alert that it's dark outside tonight? Nope, I know how to use Adblock Plus.

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