Friday, January 4, 2008

TSA Ineffectiveness and Security Theatre has another good article about how unpopular the TSA's security theater has become, how ineffective they are, and how their antagonistic attitude towards the flying public hurts security. It's interesting that TSA screeners in DFW refused to allow a woman to watch her daughter while going through screening. Exactly whose security is the TSA protecting? One nice thing about the article is seeing that the phrase "security theater," as applied to the TSA and other DHS operations, is catching on. Schneier's done quite a bit to popularize it (for all I know he coined it). Another is the point that the TSA is doing little to protect us. What is protecting us is the fact that, for the most part the terrorists aren't trying, and when they do they're often inept. I'm sure TSA has had its successes, but I'm even more sure people are able to smuggle whatever they want on board planes if they're willing to put forth a little effort and risk. TSA among most unpopular federal agencies

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