Friday, November 30, 2012

Kudos, 2 of 2

This is also a file transfer story. We use a Windows share at work, and whenever it's upgraded or I upgrade my Linux box, it takes me a while before I regain access to the share. The problem is two-fold:  I don't speak Windows terminology, making the instructions I have from our sysadmin and from various web sites I've visited seem like gibberish to me, and I don't need the stuff on the Windows share  often enough for it to really matter. Nobody would put anything really important on a Windows share anyhow, right?

Tonight I decided I'd figure it out once and for all (yeah, that'll be the day), or at least until the next upgrade obliterates any semblance of backward compatibility. After the usual browsing through useless web sites ("hit Alt-F2 and type smb:// yadda yadda, to which Linux Mint replies, "Huh?"), I stumbled across, David Wood's SMB HowTo v1.3, 20 April 2000. The key is to know the command  /usr/bin/smbclient. The age of the HowTo is great  since this suggests that this is not something I'm going to have to toss out with the next upgrade.

Also, smbclient provides a nice, simple interface similar to ftp. Handling spaces and similar crap in file names is a bit clumsy, but it's clumsy within scripts as well.

Anyhow, David Wood, wherever you are today, thanks!

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