Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Time to Give Up On the NFL

Several years ago, Fall of 2004, I decided that attending an NFL game in person is no longer enjoyable. It seemed to be more TV timeout than actual action. Gradually I've decided that watching an NFL game on TV isn't worth it due to the amount of time they cut away for commercials. Now that the NFL is blatantly taking fans for granted by putting out an inferior product, I think it should be clear to all that this is primarily a large corporation focused on short-term profits over quality products. No more. They can do the right thing and pay the officials, or not. Either way, I'm gone.

My last game in person was in Pittsburgh, watching the Steelers beat the Redskins at the end of November. It's a great venue for a game: we had brunch, took a ferry across to the game, and had pretty good seats. I enjoyed the company, but not the fact that the NFL was treating me like part of a captive audience. No more.

That was Ben Roethlisberger's rookie season, and despite the win, he had a forgettable game. Now it's time to forget the NFL.

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