Saturday, April 30, 2011

How to get Personal Information from Morons

I block ads when I can, and here's a reason why: This is essentially a phishing site, designed to get people to give up person information. Here's the scam: offer a mark the ability to see who is searching for him. The mark clicks on the webspyapp link, and is taken to a page that asks him for his name and ZIP. I claimed to be Fred Snerdling with a UMBC ZIP:

When the mark enters his information, webspyapp claims to have found some people searching for the mark, but wants the mark's cell number:

I especially like the fuzzy images of people searching for Fred Snerdling at 21250--nice touch. I entered a fake cell number, but unfortunately they wanted a real one:

I considered using the cell number of a wrong number who rang me a couple times last week, but that would be bad--even if the phishers have the wrong name and ZIP, they would have some poor sucker's cell number, and she doesn't deserve that.

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