Friday, July 9, 2010

Important Privacy Development from Google

This isn't new, but I just got around to reading an article recommended by a student a month or so ago: now provides encrypted connections for web search. This is excellent for wireless access from public places, probably effective a lot of places that filter Google searches (though they could now just block https access to, and just a good thing to use generally.

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mnmlcomp said...

Since some schools have started blocking and therefore all of its encrypted services, Google now offers encrypted searches with

Jeff Martens said...

That's the URL that the Firefox add-on HTTPS-Everywhere uses, and it works fine.

Any idea why universities block

Jeff Martens said...
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mnmlcomp said...

I had read in an earlier article about how some students in libraries were encrypting their searches.

Of course, the librarians didn't appreciate this, but also wanted students to be able to access Google products that require https connections (like email, calendar, etc.).