Friday, January 29, 2010

LinkedIn Not Worth it Anymore

LinkedIn has been of some value to me in terms of getting back in touch with former coworkers. But they've changed their authentication so that, instead of a login session lasting for the life of a browser process, it times out every day. So now I have to log in every single time I want to visit their site. It's ok with me that Amazon wants my password every time I place an order, but LinkedIn doesn't have my credit card numbers and so forth.

Am I going to delete my LinkedIn account? Not in the immediate future.

Am I going to bother to look at LinkedIn based on the "LinkedIn Network Updates" they send out every week or so? No--it's no longer worth my time.

Am I going to keep my profile up-to-date? Probably not.

Will I periodically visit LinkedIn when I think of a former colleague and wonder where he or she is? No, it's not worth the time.

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Jeff Martens said...

They fixed this sometime ago--no longer a problem.