Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Blocking the HTTP Referer, Take 2

I was about to post that RefControl now seems to work on all my systems, but double checked and, alas, no. RefControl is broken on Firefox 3.5 running on Ubuntu 9.04. Time to systematically uninstall RefControl on all my Linux boxes and install Web Developer on each. I can't have a privacy tool that sometimes works on some systems.

Web Developer Add On:
Testing for broken referer blocking: or

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J_Archie's World said...

There is no privacy when using the internet. I know that everyday is another round of "unprotected exploration". Yes, the ubiquitous virus protection, anti-snooping software and other useless codes exist to create a false sense of security. The only security is insecurity. Every internet user should write "abandon all hope all ye who enter" around the face of their monitor.