Sunday, May 17, 2009

American Film Institute Member Benefits

I belong to the AFI, and like being a member. The AFI Silver, in Silver Spring, MD, is perhaps the best place in the Washington/Baltimore area to see a film. However, one annoying thing keeps cropping up, and more, it seems, this year than in the past.

When a member renews, the AFI sends a few member passes for free admission to a show. The problem is every time, or so it seems, that I try to use one of these free passes, I'm told passes are not being accepted for this particular show. Last night I couldn't use a member pass to see "Limits of Control." The theatre was not remotely close to full. What's the problem? Why do they bother to give member benefits that cannot be used?

In '07 and '08 I don't recall this problem cropping up nearly as frequently. Something's changed in the theatre management, and not for the better.

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