Thursday, August 14, 2008

If I Had a Hammer...

I have my new RFID passport. I considered whacking it with a hammer and hoping that would kill the RFID chip. A lot of people are doing this, or at least talking about it. Instead I've gotten a new passport holder that doubles as a credit card holder and a Faraday cage. Now I feel better with the not easily testable assertion that when the passport's closed, it can't be read. Apparently the chip's easily read if the passport is open just a bit, and not so easy if it's closed. The Faraday cage adds a layer of security. Using a Faraday cage rather than a hammer has the added benefit of not being illegal. The US government says it's illegal to try to maintain just a little privacy. Soon we'll have Real ID with RFID chips, and the game will be over, game set match to the shadowy overlords. I really should get and play around with an RFID reader.

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